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About Us

RESOLAR and its affiliated companies have over 15 years of experience in photovoltaic recycling, making them the hidden champion in the industry. The team began researching module recycling technology in 2019 and has developed the innovative GST green dismantling solution and self-developed SWT silicon material impurities removing technology. These technologies can convert retired modules into recycled glass, recycled metal, and regenerated 6N silicon materials, achieving a  world-leading conversion rate.


About Us
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PV Recycling in China

Main Business

Photovoltaic Modules Recycling

RESOLAR transports and recycles damaged PV modules from factories and decommissioned PV modules. The separation rate of solar cells and glass is 99.9%.

Impurities Removing of Damaged Solar Cells

Through Ag separation and impurities removal of damaged solar cells from the PV factories or dismantling PV modules, damaged solar cells are converted into 6N silicon.

Reproduction of Silicon Wafers and Solar Cells

Recycled 6N silicon are cast into silicon ingots. Silicon ingots undergo processes such as crystal pulling and slicing to make  silicon wafers, which are processed into solar cells.

Cascade Utilization of Photovoltaic Modules

RESOLAR supports the reuse or recycling of PV modules throughout their life cycle, effectively reducing the amount of PV module waste and environmental load.

Core Advantages

RESOLAR adopts a method combining of physical crushing, chemical pyrolysis and chemical immersion , so that the separation rate of solar cells and glass is  99.9%.

The original 'RESOLAR Mechanical and Wet Separation with Green Swelling Technique'  achieves  the 99.9% separation rate

Separated solar cells directly enter the steps of Ag Separation and Impurities Removing.


The cutting-edge techniques of impurities removal and Iingot re-production

Affiliated enterprises are leading enterprises in impurities removal of damaged solar cells and ingot re-production.

Restructure the industry value chain and create a high-value revenue model

After the recycled silicon materials are cast into ingots, they are reproduced into silicon wafers and solar cells.


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Expert Recommendation

"In the foreseeable future, the global production of recycled silicon materials is expected to exceed 100 GW per year. RESOLAR is dedicated to advanced technology and has mastered key technologies, making its recycled silicon materials a promising third low-carbon and clean source of silicon materials in the future. This aligns with the essence of circular economy and renewable energy.”

-Vice Director of the Photovoltaic Professional Committee in China Renewable Energy Society


Mr. Jun Tang

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