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RESOLAR was awarded the pilot demonstration enterprise of PV recycling in China and The CEO showed excellent leadership and won the award of PV recycling industry elite

In the second "Photovoltaic Recycling and Recycling Utilization" outstanding enterprises and elites selection activities organized by PV Committee of China Green Supply Chain Alliance (China ECOPV Alliance), Shanghai RESOLAR Energy Technology Co., Ltd. won the "Photovoltaic Recycling and Recycling Utilization" Pilot Demonstration Enterprise and the CEO Hongjia ZHANG was awarded the "Photovoltaic Recycling and Recycling Utilization " elite.



Shanghai RESOLAR Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to becoming a recycled material photovoltaic group with deep decarbonization. RESOLAR focuses on technological innovation and builds a world-leading solution for component recycling, impurity removal of damaged cells, recycled silicon materials and cells, and cascaded utilization of components. With professional technology and services, we help customers realize the recycling and reuse of waste photovoltaic resources, and make positive contributions to the development of environmental protection and new energy industries. For more detailed information, you can browse the official website: .